sheading light on Men's health

When it comes to discussing one's health, men in most cases will be the first to avoid the conversation by changing the subject or by removing themselves from the room. But, before you leave this page all together, I would ask you to take a moment to hear a brother out. It's important to know that you matter to your family, your friends and especially to your masonic brothers. Health issues are usually the one thing that we as men want to discuss least until it hits home and in most cases, unexpectedly. The topics which we will be posting may or may not affect you directly in your lifetime but in some cases will effect someone you dearly care about now and in the future. Although some subjects may not be of interest, they will most certainly serve as a thought starter and reminder that as men, we all will face health challenges sometime in the future. Respectfully

​​St. Peter's Lodge No.54 is in the 30th District jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Masons os South Carolina

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